Rail Service

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway, a Class I railroad, is one of four remaining American transcontinental railroads and one of the largest freight railroads in North America. Approximately 85 trains on its Powder River line stop each day in Edgemont. A rail spur along the property’s northern boundary provides direct access to this line.

BNSF moves more intermodal freight traffic than any other rail system in the world.   The company has 32,000 miles of rail line, 40,000 employees, 6,700 locomotives, and an average of 220,000 freight cars on its system daily. It is the only Class I railway in South Dakota.

D M & E Railroad is a Class II Railroad and is a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway. Its traffic is a mix of agricultural, coal, industrial products, and ethanol shipments. It serves Western South Dakota and runs along the eastern edge of Fall River County with lines into Wyoming and Nebraska.

Canadian Pacific Railway Routes
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Routes

Highway Service

U.S. Highway 18, an east-west, two-lane, concrete highway that extends from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Interstate 25 in Orin, Wyoming.  It is one of the original U.S. highways of 1926 and continues to be an important regional connection. From Edgemont and through Hot Springs, U.S. Highway 18 connects to the Heartland Expressway which connects to I-80 and I-90. The Heartland Expressway is a multi-lane, divided highway that facilitates domestic and international trade by connecting the Ports-to-Plains Trade Corridor to the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway.  Interstate 25 is about 110 miles west with I-80 and I-90 easily accessible from I-25 as well.

Highway Map
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