South Dakota and Fall River County combine to create an unbeatable business climate. Fall River County offers a property tax abatement incentive for five years in addition to state incentives including no personal or corporate income tax, no business inventory or personal property taxes, to name a few. When incorporated with the numerous incentives offered by the cities of Hot Springs and Edgemont the savings opportunities are tremendous.

SHEDCO partners with City, County and private lenders to offer incentives that make sense for you.

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Tax Climate

While South Dakota’s tax climate is second to none, there are a few business taxes and costs your company will have to pay in South Dakota. They include: sales, use, real property, unemployment and workers compensation.

We Can’t Be Beat

From South Dakota’s financing programs to the state’s unbeatable tax climate, doing business in South Dakota just makes sense. We are the only state in the nation where companies don’t pay personal income, corporate income, inheritance, business inventory or personal property taxes. South Dakota also offers tax refunds on sales, use and contractors’ excise taxes.