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The three cities in Fall River County are as diverse as the vistas

Fall River County, in the southwest corner of South Dakota, encompasses the southern end of the beautiful Black Hills, an expanse of prairie lands, three towns and endless vistas. The three cities in Fall River County, Edgemont, Hot Springs and Oelrichs, are as diverse as the vistas.

Edgemont, a ranching and railroad town established in 1890 has a population of 774. Hot Springs with a population of 3711 is the largest of the three. Oelrichs, located on the eastern boundary of the county, has 126 inhabitants. Because of the diversity in geography, Fall River is host to a number of natural resources which wait the right entrepreneur and business to use them to their fullest potential.

Geothermal use in industry is an untapped resource in Fall River County. In Hot Springs, the Fall River flows through town, feed by springs at 96 degrees.

Edgemont’s four wells produce an abundance of water at 130 degrees. Throughout Fall River mining and energy opportunities abound. The waters found in Fall River contain minerals and elements long revered by the regenerative medical industry. Hot Springs is home to the State Veterans Home and the Black Hill VA Medical Center as well as the new Fall River Hospital which will augment any medical industry that would call Fall River County home.

Edgemont, SD
Edgemont Railroad

The Cheyenne River flows through the Oelrichs area providing irrigation for value added agriculture. This area also possesses sand and gravel mining opportunities.

Edgemont has long been a center of mining in Fall River County. Opportunities await in mineral, metals and gravel mining. The BNSF Railroad is prominent in Edgemont and offers opportunities for rail transportation for the right industry.

Fall River County offers business possibilities and a climate and culture that meld well together. Great weather, an area full of tourist attractions, wonderful state and national parks, cultural and recreational opportunities and superb infrastructure of schools, medical facilities and utilities make Fall River County an outstanding choice!